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Blackjack Strategy - What You Need To Know

Fat Tony's blackjack strategy is simple. Like I said already, I work on two things and two things only, what my brain tells me, and what my gut tells me. What my brain tells me is to follow basic strategy pretty freaking closely. What my gut tells me, depends on the time of day and what I had for breakfast likely, but I listen to it. Why would my brain translate what it sees in to strange feelings in my stomach if there was nothing to it?

If you don't know what basic blackjack strategy is best, read up on it, it's mucho important. Behind the decisions outlined by a basic strategy chart, is logic. Beyond the decisions outlined in a basic strategy chart, is the real game. Everyone has experienced a hand at the blackjack table where they make perfect decisions, but don't win money.

There are two types of strategy I recommend when it comes to casino blackjack. The first is a bankroll strategy that limits your losses. The second is card counting, which isn't a very realistic option anymore, but needs to be learned just in case an opportunity presents itself. Card counting is covered in it's own dedicated card counting section.

Beautiful bankroll management is pretty much the sexiest thing you can do with your money in a casino, and the best blackjack strategy you can develop. The next time you step up to the blackjack table try this strategy out. Start with a bankroll that is your loss limit. For this example let's say it's $100. For some of you it may be more, for some it may be less, it practically doesn't matter. Alright, so you play your $100 using basic strategy and some gut, here's the trick. If the game starts off good, and you double your money, take the original $100 and stick it in your pocket. Forget about it. That's the hard part; if you manage to forget about it, the rest of your blackjack session will be a blissful jaunt into the land of 'playing with your winnings', a lovely place where no houses are ever lost, no girlfriends are ever put out, and no money ever leaves your bank account. While forgetting about the $100 you pocketed may hard, it's not as hard as actually following your set loss limit. If this blackjack session starts off bad and you lose your money right away, the hardest part is not returning to the table with more cash. Doing so of course completely eliminates any benefit of trying to play with this blackjack strategy.